Free Agents


If you signed up as Free Agents for the 2017 Spring Season and DID NOT get placed on a team.  Use the link below to pay the additional $35 to be eligible to play in the Twilight League.

A.The cost to sign up is $35.  

B. The sign up fee along with the $50 already paid will be payment in full to participate in the Twilight League

C. If prior to being offered an opportunity to join a team (based on the information you supplied on your sign up application) you decide not to participate your $85 fee is fully refundable.  

D. Click this link to sign up as a free agent ======> Register

If you are currently NOT a Spring Free Agent and you wish to register as a Twilight Free Agent then

click this link to register as a free agent =====> Register

If you have any questions please contact our Operations Commissioner Henry Garnett at

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