General Registration Instructions

STEP 1 (Player & Managers) - The first thing that all managers and players need to do is create a new account.  To avoid confusion, read these tips first to prepare you for the Create an Account page:

* Connecting to Facebook will enhance your experience on the new site, but is not required.
* "Account Info" is where you enter your username and password for your new SDABL account.
* "Username" can be anything (letters, numbers) but should not include spaces.
* After you create your account, you will end up on your Dashboard. Not much to see there, so explore the rest of the site

Now click here:  Create an Account

STEP 2 (Managers) - Use the "Feedback" link above (upper-right corner of the site) to email us your name, your team name and your division. We will then create your team and assign any credits (i.e. deposit) to you.

STEP 3 (Managers) - On your Team Roster, add players using "Add Player" or "Send Invites" (email addresses are required).

Questions & Answers
Q: Can players make individual league fees payments?
A: No, not yet. We are working hard with our partner to have this feature for next season. Managers will continue to be responsible for all league fees payments.

Q: I registered and it still says I owe $1800, even though I paid a deposit!?!
A: Once teams are registered, we will go through and update any offline payments that were made in the next day or two.

Q: Why does it say SPOT PENDING for a player I added to my roster, and for me too?
A: Until league fees are paid in full, your rostered players will not say SPOT RESERVED for any player.

Q: What if I run into problems registering, or have other questions?
A: If you encounter any problems with any type of registration or problems navigating or understanding the website, we are happy to help. We also would like to hear your thoughts and answer any other questions you may have. Just use the "Feedback" link above (upper-right corner of the site) for problems or questions.

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